PTSD Treatment for Combat Veterans

Associative awareness and treating PTSD

1 in 8 returning soldier suffers from PTSD and less than half of those with problems actually seek help for fear of being stigmatized or not realizing what they are going through can be treated. The most important thing we can do for our service men and women is to show them they have our support and help them to understand that the earlier they get treatement, the better off they will be.

When a person has been suffering from PTSD for a long time, their brain can activate the “instinctive” protective pattern over and over again, resulting in a frustrating and cyclical syndrome and can suffer from insomnia, IBS, fear, loss of sense of self.

Associative Awareness Technique has been proven to help treat PTSD and chronic pain while helping the person... It is a treatment that does not require drugs, is safe and gentle.

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Associative Awareness Technique and PTSD