Ever Wonder Why Massage Feels Good?

Ever wonder why soft tissue mobilization (massage) feels good? It is due to your proprioceptors.

Proprioceptors are nerve endings embedded in the muscle fibers, tendons and joints that inform the central nervous system about location and movement of the body. They send information to the brain about how much tension or pressure is being applied to them, and how quickly it’s changing.

Bad posture and stress injury to muscle tissue can bring about chronic muscle strain, muscle soreness and joint pain. Massage therapy can use proprioceptive actions to lengthen and stretch muscle fibers and increase our awareness of the tension in our bodies.

Did you know that at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance-Woodbury, we realize that the body works as a whole and therefore we treat you as a whole. Because the muscle is often involved when you are experiencing pain, and can also be involved when you are experiencing dizziness, we include soft tissue mobilization in our hands-on treatment regimen. We are here to help, please call 651-501-2010 with any questions you might have.