Auto Accident treatment with FYZICAL

A seemingly minor car accident or on-the-job injury can result in major issues that can cause a lifetime of problems if you don’t seek appropriate treatment, and FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers can be part of your recovery. With a combination of manual therapy, holistic care and therapeutic exercise, our experts will reduce your pain and disability and improve your function and mobility.  You should know exercise is part of our plan but not the first and only thing we do.  We believe pain is a huge deterrent to movement and exercise; our initial focus is to reduce pain.  We treat the underlying cause of your pain, not just the outer symptoms.  We believe that a comprehensive treatment program includes MANY different treatment strategies—our body works as a whole and should be treated as a whole. 

If you are injured in an auto accident or at work, the providers at FYZICAL can help you get back to work and living in a safe and timely manner. The most common problems resulting from a car crash or work-related injury include back and neck injuries such as, fractures, whiplash, myofascial injury, herniated discs and radiculopathy.

Your recovery is in the hands of an experienced team of FYZICAL therapists who will:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your condition
  • Design a personalized treatment program to increase your strength, mobility, and endurance
  • Teach you how to minimize your chance for re-injury
  • Work closely with your doctor, case manager, and insurance company every step of the way
  • Don’t wait to seek treatment for a painful auto accident or work injury.


If you’d like to make an appointment or have questions about your care, call us at 651-501-2010.

At FYZICAL in Woodbury, Minnesota, we provide physical therapy treatment, a combination not found anywhere else in the Twin Cities. We use a gentle approach that merges both western and eastern treatment with wellness and performance to give you the best results for healing. We offer a full range of physical therapy services in Woodbury to help you get on the road to recovery. Learn more about FYZICAL Therapy.


Patient Stories 

Patients often tell us that our treatment program has changed their lives. Each positive story is more proof that FYZICAL  works to reduce your pain and disability and improve your function and mobility – and helps you get your life back. 

Read Robert W's story

I was in an accident and partially disabled. I was taking pain medication and could not lift. After my first treatment with Jan I went home and picked up my wife and son at the same time! This is something that I have not been able to do in over 2 years! Since my therapy with Jan I have been virtually pain free and feel wonderful,  the best I have felt since my accident, no more pain medication either!

- Robert W.

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