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Revealed: A 30 second Self-Test and the #1 Single Best Exercise for Relief for Sciatica. Recently I was doing some research on Sciatica and lower back pain treatments and I stumbled on some information that I thought you or someone you know might find valuable. Have you or someone you know and care about ever: Missed work due to Sciatica or back pain? Missed out on a family vacation or activity because you were afraid to aggravate your Sciatica? Found yourself worrying more about...
Posted on 2017-09-27
Reduce back pain and get back to normal. A healthy lower back helps keep our bodies upright, allows us to bend, twist and move and supports most of our body weight. Despite its importance, most of us only think about our backs when things aren't working so well. That’s when we’re in excruciating pain and even sleeping is difficult and uncomfortable. Unfortunately many of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. Lower back pain can be a symptom of degenerative condi...
Posted on 2017-09-15
FIGHT THE FALL with a Free Fall Risk Assessment. . Test Your Stability. Answer these questions to help determine if you may have a balance or dizziness disorder. If you answer "yes" to one or more, you may be at risk. Call your local FYZICAL® Therapy and Balance Center for a Fall Risk Assessment. Have you fallen more than once in the past year? Do you feel dizzy or unsteady if you make sudden changes, such as bending down or turning quickly? Do you feel unsteady when you are walking,...
Posted on 2017-09-01
Posted on 2017-08-29
Test yourself for neck pain with this quick and easy assessment. .
Posted on 2017-08-02
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